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Clear Heat Transfer Tape
Price: $8.00
Availability: Stock
Atlas Screen Supply Company Item #: 44148 -

    Clear Heat Transfer Tape (1/2" x 72 yds) is resistant to high temperatures (up to 425°F) and can be used in any heat transfer application that requires the material to stay in place during the transfer process. Ideal for lining up a design for centered placement and ensuring the transfer material will not move. After heat transfer process is complete, the heat transfer tape can be easily removed right away or after cooling down - both methods will allow for a clean removal with no residue....

    Heat Transfer Sheet (5 mil)
    Price: $18.00
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: HTRM1620 -

      Heat Transfer Sheets are a great way to protect printed images and garments when using a heat press for various applications (i.e. curing direct to garment ink, using foil, and applying opaque transfers, etc.) The Heat Transfer Sheet measures 16" x 20" and is very durable for multiple uses.

      Silicone Coated Heat Press Paper 16" x 20" (250 Sheets) silicone, heat, transfer, paper
      Price: $62.95
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      Availability: On Back Order
      Item #: TJSILPAPER -

        Silicon coated paper (35lb stock) is now available in packages of 250 of 16" x 20" sheets. To achieve the best quality finished product, this paper should be used as a cover sheet on the heat press when curing printed shirts.

        Weeding Tool weeding tool, heat transfer, vinyl
        Price: $15.00
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: 26CWEED -

          Soft rubber grip for comfortable weeding. Sharp, curved tip allows for easy and precise weeding and picking of even the most intricate designs.

          VLR Vinyl Letter Remover 1020
          Price: $15.95
          Availability: Stock
          Albatross USA Inc. Item #: 591020 -

            AlbaChem VLR No. 1020 Vinyl Letter Removing SolventRemoves heat transfer vinyl and residual adhesives from most fabricsNew formula, does not contain Methylene ChlorideDoes not contain California Prop 65 ingredientsEasy to use and fast drying20 oz. BottleThe easy pour spout allows for easy application, minimizing waste. Highly effective and fast drying, VLR Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent No. 1020 will pay for itself by saving unnecessarily wasted garments.Shipping Information: Please note...

            500LF Quick Trans Additive
            Price: $39.90
            Availability: On Back Order
            International Coatings Item #: 500 -

              500LF Quick Trans Additive can be added to multipurpose plastisols to convert inks to a hot split or hot peel transfer ink. Add by volume, 1 part additive to 3 parts ink. Mix thoroughly. Excessive amounts of additive will reduce the opacity of the mixed ink.

              Transfer Powder
              Price: $39.99
              Availability: Stock
              Item #: TP2 -

                Atlas Transfer Powder is a finely ground adhesive resin specifically manufactured to increase heat transfer opacity and adhesion. To apply, screen print mirror image onto transfer paper, generously sift Atlas Transfer Powder over entire image, hold paper by edge and allow excess powder to fall off.  Tech Sheet Size: 2.5lbs Container ...

                3802 Foil Resist foil, resist, ink
                Reg: $47.92
                Sale: $35.94
                Availability: Stock
                International Coatings Item #: IC3802 -

                  3802LF Foil Resist Additive can be mixed with most standard plastisols to make the ink resist foil during application of the foil in a heat press.  Add a maximum 10% to 15% by weight. For best foil application results, it is important to heat apply foil within 24 hours of printing and while the print is warm.

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