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Premaprint Premium - Aquatone Mixing Kit
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Permaset Item #: PSPP12KIT -

    Permaprint Premium Inks are a 100% solvent free environmentally friendly ink. It can be used on a variety of substrates including sealed paper, cardboard, polyester (Mylar), polycarbonate plastics, coroplast and some coated metals. It has an intense pigments which provide for excellent opacity and rich colors. It is available in 9 Aquatone Mixing Colors, Black, Mixing White, Extender (Print Paste), Opaque White, Clear Gloss Varnish, and Matting Agent, 8 Glow Colors (fluorescent) and 4...

    Permatone 12 Liter Kit
    MSRP:  $347.05
    Price: $310.00
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    Permaset Item #: PSPT12KIT -

      Permatone is a water-based color matching system designed for both natural and synthetic fabrics.   It can be used on light colored fabrics and dark colored fabrics with the use of Permaset Supercover First Down White.  The Permatone matching system is is comprised of 9 colors plus Black, a blending White and Extender (Print Paste) which can be used to mix over 1869 colors. Permatone screen printing ink has Permasets trademark soft feel and long...

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